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Glass fiber wet felt

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Glass fiber wet felt

Glass fiber non-woven products originated in Europe, and later introduced into the United States, Japan, China and other countries. China has set up several large-scale production lines, mainly from German technologies such as Zhongxing Tianma and Shaanxi Walter in Changzhou.

At present, the main categories of domestic glass fiber wet felt are:

(1) roofing felt is used as base material for waterproof material such as modified asphalt waterproofing membrane and colored asphalt tile.

(2) Guan Daozhan is used for coating oil and natural gas pipelines, combined with asphalt to prevent corrosion of underground pipelines.

(3) shaping and surface polishing of surface felt FRP products;

(4) Veneer felt used for wall and ceiling, can prevent paint cracking, orange peel, mostly used to decorate large conference rooms, high-grade hotels;

Glass fiber composite felt



(5) floor mat is used as the base material of PVC floor.

(6) carpet felt used as the base material of a square carpet;

(7) copper clad felt attached to copper clad laminate can enhance its punching and drilling performance.

(8) battery separator felt is used as base material for aluminum acid battery separator.

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