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Fiberglass felt

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Fiberglass felt

(1) short cut raw silk felt to cut glass raw silk (sometimes with twisting roving) into 50mm length, and lay it on the net in a random but uniform way, and then apply the emulsion binder or the powder binder on the cloth to bond into the short cut silk felt after heating and curing. Chopped felt is mainly used in hand paste, continuous plate and die pressing and SMC process. The quality requirements for the short cut silk felt are as follows: (1) the quality of the area along the width is uniform; (2) the short cut raw silk is evenly distributed in the felt surface, no large hole is formed, the binder is evenly distributed, and the strength of the dry felt is moderate; (4) excellent resin infiltration and penetration.

(2) the continuous raw silk felt in the wire drawing process or the continuous raw silk from the raw silk tube was laid on the continuous moving mesh belt in a 8 shape, which was formed by the powder binder. Continuous glass fiber felt is continuous in fiber, so its reinforcing effect on composite material is better than that of short cut felt. It is mainly used in pultrusion process, RTM method, pressure bag method and glass mat reinforced thermoplastic (GMT) technology.

 Fiberglass felt


(3) surface felt glass steel products usually need to form a resin rich layer, which is usually realized by using alkali glass surface felt. Because of the use of medium alkali glass (C), this kind of felt gives glassy steel chemical resistance, especially acid resistance. At the same time, because of thin felt and thin glass fiber diameter, it can also absorb a lot of resin to form rich resin layer and cover the grain of glass fiber reinforced material (such as square cloth) and play a surface modification effect.

(4) needle felt needle felt or short needle punched felt and continuous needled felt. The short cut fiber needle felt is cut the glass fiber roving into 50mm. It is laid on the bottom material which is placed on the conveyor belt in advance. Then the needle is needled with the hook with the hook. The short cut fiber is inserted into the bottom material, and the crochet needle brings some fibers up to form a three-dimensional structure. The base material can be a thin fabric of glass fiber or other fibers, which has a sense of fluff. Its main uses are used as insulation and sound insulation material, hot material, filter material, and also in the production of glass steel, but the strength of the made glass steel is low and the range of use is limited. Another kind of continuous raw silk needle felt is to throw the continuous glass raw wire into the continuous mesh belt randomly, and needle the needle plate through the needle plate to form the felt of the three-dimensional structure of the fiber connected with each other. This felt is mainly used for glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic punching sheet production.

(5) the suture fiber short cut glass fiber can be sewn into short cut fiber or long fiber felt from 50mm and 60cm long slit. The former can replace the traditional adhesive tapetum in a number of uses and the latter to a certain extent instead of the continuous strand felt. Their common advantages are that they do not contain binders, avoid contamination in the production process, and have good soaking performance and low price.

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