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Application prospect of short cut glass fiber in environmental protection

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Application prospect of short cut glass fiber in environmental protection:

Short cut glass fiber is made of special soaking agent, and is made by wet cutting on line. It is becoming more and more popular in our days. In plastic, cement, insulation, glue, fireproof and flame retardant, conflict sealing material, rubber, special paper, paint, spacecraft accessories and so on, it can be seen everywhere. With the continuous development of short cut glass fiber technology, there will be broad application prospects in environmental protection.

Short shredded glass fiber



1. short cut glass fiber products as filter material, especially in high temperature gas filtration occupies an important seat. With paper, woven fabric, felt (Peng Songzhan, felt, needle felt and so on) and plastic film as the main form, it is used in the gas filtration with different properties of pollutants and the degree of purification. It has been used in large quantities for the cleaning of carbon black, cement, metallurgical industry and incineration flue gas.

At the same time, it is also used in air defense engineering, antivirus tool, air filtration of vehicle air conditioning and air treatment of super purification room, and it can also make the filter have bactericidal effect and odor removal effect. Recently, some people have developed fiberglass fabrics that can be used to absorb environmental pollutants. Based on the chemical stability and high filtration efficiency of glass fiber products, it is also used for the filtration and purification of lube oil, heavy water, beverages and other liquids. Ultrafine glass fiber is also used to produce a series of laboratory filter.

2. the application of the geographical environment protection. The short cut glass fiber and organic fiber materials are combined into geotextile materials, which can be used for the loss of waterproof soil; the sprayed glass fibers can be sprayed on the ground to form elastic porous felt so as to protect the newly sowed farmland from scour; the glass felt can be used as a soil free culture.

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