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Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd

Address: No. 101, Xinxin street, West City, Liaoning (Yingkou)

Phone: 0417-3335666

Fax: 0417-3335777

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Hongyuan Envirotech  Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Zhejiang Hongsheng Envirotech  Group Co., Ltd . It is located in the Liaoning Free Trade Zone (Yingkou) Area, covering an area of 120,000. Square meters with more than  600 employees and  achieves  an annual output value of  200 million RMB.  The main business scope:  Filter material ,glass fiber and products ,PTFE  Products, composite materials, textile products, environmental protection equipment manufacturing,  technical development and technical services of the above products.

Hongyuan is the council  unit of China Fiberglass Industry Association, who Committed to the research and development of high-end filter materials. Relying on the advantages of the Group Research Center, we are actively developing high-performance filter materials , which realizes the development of the whole industry chain from raw materials to finished products.  At present, we have 20 national authorized patents, including 8 invention patents.

The  company main business and products are in line with the development direction of the national  policy for energy conservation and environmental protection. The products are mainly used in the field of environmental dust removal, to meet various types of dust and gas filtration  requirements, with high-efficiency capture of  PM2.5, ultra-low emission of dust concentration as less than 10MG/NM3. To achieve energy conservation and emission reduction with broad prospects for development.

We are  actively builds a high-performance  filter material production base to  promotes the national filter material brand to the world and achieves high performance filter material instead of imported substitution .